Best Co-Axial Cables Manufacturers in India

Best Co-Axial Cables Manufacturers in India

Best Co-Axial Cables Manufacturers in India

One of the most commonly used and reliable cables for transferring data, video, and voice communications is a coaxial cable. Been around since the early 20th century and is known for its accurate and reliable transmission, it has been extensively used within homes, by cable operators, telephone companies, and internet providers to convey data or voice communication to their customers. The best Co-axial cables manufacturers in India explain that the key to the popularity of coaxial cable is the shielded design that allows it to transfer data quickly without getting affected by environmental factors.

But first what is a co-axial cable?

Coaxial cable is a type of cable that consists of an inner conductor which is surrounded by concentric insulating layers which are further surrounded by conductive shielding. The inner conductor and the outer shield share a geometric axis that is separated by an insulating material so that it can quickly transmit electricity. This component helps in the delivery of high-frequency electrical signals without getting interrupted by the distance or the environmental factors.

Coaxial cable manufactured by Co-axial cables manufacturers in India has several applications such as that they are commonly used by cable operators, telephone companies, or internet providers. And even if you are using a cable television it means that you probably have a coaxial cable installed in your home. It is also used in connecting VCRs to the television or connecting the television with the digital converter box to a personal antenna

What are the seven types of coaxial cables explained by coaxial cable manufacturers in India?

Hardline  coaxial cable

Hardline coaxial cable is made up of round copper silver or gold tubing or with the combination of such metal as a shield. These are the cables that have usually a large diameter and are mainly used for TV or radio broadcasting, amateur radio applications, military transmitters, and so on.

Radiating coaxial cable

The cable used in underground mining or other types of tunnel environments is the radiating coaxial cable. Radiating coaxial cables are such that designed in a way to handle a different number of frequency ranges and have the flexibility to be installed in numerous ways. These are used in such situations where standard antenna fails to provide adequate coverage.

Flexible coaxial cable

As the name itself is suggesting, this type of coaxial cable can be flexed and moved as required according to the user’s requirement. They are one of the most available cables for ordinary people that can help them to connect a television or a video device. It consists of an inner metal electrode that is covered by an elastic polymer.

Semi-rigid coaxial cable

As explained by the best Cable Manufacturers in India, semi-rigid coaxial cables are the type of cables that generally have an outer diameter ranging between 0.034 and 0.250 inches. The feature that distinguishes it from other coaxial cables is that it can easily form a shape and be retained for a longer time. But you have to flex it after the initial forming.

Formal coaxial cable

The RG-6 type of cable is commonly used in residential and commercial applications. It has various characteristics like shielding, center composition, jacket type, etc depending on the various cable designs. It is most commonly used for cable TV distribution coax for routing the TV signals.

We hope after reading this blog post you can differentiate between the five types of coaxial cables. Rani Sati Industries have been one of the major coaxial cable manufacturers in India serving since 2005.

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