Submersible Cable

Submersible Cable


99.97% pure bare annealed EC grade copper.


PVC type A compound
Special PVC: Black, Blue color
*Any other Color on specific request can also be supplied

Submersible Cable








No./ O.D.

of Wire(mm)


Nom. (mm)

Core O.D.

Appx. (mm)


Nom. (mm)

Overall Diameter


AT 20⁰ C

Max. (Ω/Km.)

@ 40⁰ C


1.5 22/0.3 0.8 3.25 1.15 12.5 x 5.8 12.1 14
2.5 36/0.3 0.9 3.9 1.15 14.4 x 6.3 7.41 18
4.0 56/0.3 1.0 4.65 1.15 17.2 x 7.4 4.95 26
6.0 84/0.3 1.0 5.2 1.15 18.7  x 7.9 3.30 31
10.0 140/0.3 1.0 6.6 1.4 23.7 x 9.9 1.91 42
16.0 226/0.3 1.0 8.2 1.4 28.0 x 11.4 1.21 57



Coils 100, 200, 300 and 500, 1000mm in wooden drums


Bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors these cables have low conductor resistance

Quality backed by 20 years’ experience in cable industry. Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grease & oil. Longer Flexible Life. Excellent mechanical & electrical properties.

Generally Conforming to:  IS: 694-2010

Submersible Cable Manufacturers in India

Ranisati Industries, as one of the leading submersible cable manufacturer in India is offering its customer a wide range of submersible pumps cable. These cables is a very good solution for submersible pumps which are in deep wells – drinking or irrigation. Our cables are the one-stop solution for all types of pumps. We have always come with the belief to remain a trustworthy manufacturer along with good quality products to our clients.

We Ranisati Industries offer all types of submersible pump cables – round or flat. Our eminent engineers and production team make sure that the cable should be well PVC insulated with good quality. Moreover, when we produce wires, special care is taken that the electrolyte copper used in it is of good quality.

Our highly skilled workers ensure that the cable must flexible and has uniform resistance throughout the manufacturing process. As a leading submersible cable manufacturer in India we provide different colour code cable to our customers. On the contrary our cable is highly durable and available on the reasonable price in the market.

We know these submersible cables are used in very severe and challenging conditions. Because the place where they are required is physically restricted and the environment is unfavourable.

On the other side, we produce submersible winding cable and power source connection cable.

Why should be use of Ranisati Industries submersible Cables?

The design and manufacture of Ranisati Industries submersible cable are done by keeping in mind that it continues to work underwater without any hindrance.

The capacity and structure of our cables are such that they can carry the current under water without any safety issues. And along with this the rubber and plastic layer also protects it from getting damage when it comes in contact with any liquid.

  • Highly Durable
  • Multiple Colour Code and Size
  • Follows National and International Standards
  • Reasonable Price
  • High-Quality
  • Available for heavy loads
  • Reliable
  • Flexible and Uniform Resistance
  • Well Insulated for less current leakage
  • Energy Saver
  • Non-toxic and Fire resistance PVC sheath coating


Applications of Submersible Cable:-

  • All kind of pumps – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
  • Under Water power supply
  • Irrigation and Flood Industries
  • Water Treatment Plants

Moreover, a group of dedicated as well as professional high quality controllers supervise the entire production process to deal with any kind of problem that may affect the high quality of the finished product.And this is the reason why we have been able to make a mark in the market.Innovation and effective R&D – both is the key pillar of our industry future and help us to expand and remove our boundaries.Thus we are eternally inspire to make new products that are approved by the global standard.

Give us a call or fill the enquiry form to let us know your requirement. We Ranisati Industries – Submersible cable manufacturer in India is providing best price offer in compare to our competitors.

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